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Submit for Iowa Portraits Winter Issue

Submissions are open for the 3rd issue of Iowa Portraits Magazine.

Our Winter issue highlights photographers and models in and from Iowa. It is free to enter. Please upload 1-3 images and would be best if it images were 8X10 to fully fit magazine page. *NOTE: If selected this does not guarantee all three of submitted images will be featured. Click here to submit your photos!

Iowa Portraits started publishing the Iowa Portraits Magazine in June 2019. Now with two magazines published, featuring photos with Iowa photographers and models, the magazine is planned to be release on the first day of every new season. The magazine is sold through blurb.

The Pilot Issue

The first issue was published on June 21, 2019. Anthony Arroyo and Robbi Boggess worked together on The Pilot Issue. There was 34 photographers being featured. Together we spent around 75 hours making this magazine.

The layout was not that great but people seemed to love it. I just saw a lot of things that could have been better. The silhouette on the cover is from a photo I took of my girlfriend and the full photo is actually the logo of Iowa Portraits.

The Pilot Issue is available on Blurb.

Issue Two

The second issue was published on September 23, 2019. This issue I did all on my own and focused more on the photo content than on text content. This magazine was more simple, more of a photo book, and I think more enjoyable to flip through.

I some how made the time while in school to put this magazine together but I think this magazine showed all I learned from my mistakes in the first issue. There was a plan to make the magazine the way it was by doing full page photos with minimal text.

The magazine was published through Blurb. People seemed to like it even more than the first issue. Personally I wish I could have some articles in there with what has happening in the photo community in Iowa, what new products camera companies are putting out, and giving tips to the readers about photography.

The Future

The next issue is planned be published in December with the same format as issue two but with some articles that readers can enjoy.