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What is Iowa Portraits

Iowa Portraits is a community that has come together on Instagram to celebrate and share Iowa photographers that specialize in portraiture. This website is in the development to help Iowa photographers find and be found by clients. The website will include mini photographer portfolios for potential clients to see photographers best work. The job board will allow clients to post their needs and let photographers make a bid and pitch why they are the best option for the client. Clients and photographers will be able to message each other on the website. Photographers will be able to book, get paid, and deliver photos through the website. Our goal is to help photographers find work, get paid, and make there jobs easier. As well for consumers to make it easier to find photographers they want to hire, book with them, make payments, and receive photos.

The Beginning

In October 2018, the Iowa Portraits Instagram account was created by Anthony Arroyo.

The goal was to celebrate and share the talented portrait photographers in Iowa that were being over shadowed by the landscape and nature photographers. There were other accounts sharing Iowa photographers like @highlightiowa and @capture_iowa but nothing that highlighted portraiture.

The growth was slow from October 2018 to February 2019 then after that the follower count grew quickly! From February 2019 to June 2019 the account grew from just under 500 followers to over 1300 followers. With a lot of momentum Anthony thought it was a good time to try and make a magazine for Iowa Portraits. The turnout for the magazine was great and it was a good learning experience with how to make a magazine with the first issue.

How The Logo Was Made

What Is Happening Now

Currently Anthony is trying to create a website database to help photographers find gigs/jobs.

The magazine comes out on the first day of each season.

Iowa Portraits would love help with anything. Help with website design, curators for Instagram, and help with the magazine. Interested in working with Iowa Portraits go to our contact page.

Iowa Portraits Team

Anthony Arroyo

Anthony Arroyo: creator, owner, social media editor, and magazine editor.

Hey! I am Anthony Arroyo and I am a native of Des Moines. I have been a photographer since the fall of 2017. Currently I am a student at Drake University. I have my liberal arts associates degree from Des Moines Area Community College. I am a photography intern at the communications office at Drake. For Drake Magazine I am a photographer. At Raygun I am the commercial photographer.

Starting Iowa Portraits was something I just did for fun. I had no idea that a year later I would be trying to make it a business to help others make their passion into a possible stream of income.

Other than that, I just hope it continues to grow and spread positive influence to the photography community in Iowa and maybe even beyond our borders.

Reese Osborn

Reese Osborne: Instagram curator

Hiya there, my names Reese Osborne.  I am a portrait photographer and filmmaker based in Davenport, IA (more known as the Quad Cities).  I originally am from Nashville, TN, but ventured my way to Iowa to continue my full-time career with the US Government about two years ago. 

I started photo + film in 2017 to find something else to do other than work endless hours with my three jobs.  Over the past two years I came to conclusion of why I take photos, “self-love is the best love and everyone should see that they are beautiful the way they are.  Your beauty shouldn’t change for someone as we are all perfectly imperfect in our own ways. Embrace it and love yourself.” Additionally, I love to capture events in film and church/worship photography. 

Being part of the Iowa Portraits family has been exciting to see everyone’s progression of creativity grow, but also see the creativity across a simple state that I never knew was present until the creation of the feature page. 

Iowa is a place with endless creativity that is growing every day and I am fortunate to be part of the Iowa Portraits family.